About In Faith Today

Thank you for your desiring to walk in faith today!

In 2006, while pregnant with my second child, I began to feel a tug on my heart. As I quieted myself and spent time reading my Bible, I learned that it was God. He was calling me to a place of knowing and believing Him. I thought that I had already believed Him because I was a Christian, but to my surprise, the Lord was getting ready to teach me what it really meant to believe in him.

I had believed that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save my soul from hell, but I was not yet walking by faith everyday. I didn’t even know what it meant to walk by faith. I thought it was just a scripture in the bible that talked about witnessing to others about what Jesus had done on the cross. I thought faith was what I needed to believe that the souls of others would be saved.

What I didn’t know was that the work that Jesus had done on this earth and on the cross was not only for me to go to heaven but for me to have life here on earth and have it more abundantly. This tugging in my heart led me on a journey through the word of God and I began to know how much God really loves me.

In Faith Today Ministries, is an out pouring of this testimony.

Our mission is to Connect, Encourage, Teach, and Grow the body of Christ, by helping them Walk In Faith daily.

That’s right! We want to connect believers to God and other believers…community building, prayer, and helping others.

Through the use of today’s technology, and other various methods, we find ways to encourage one another…believe God, trust in Him, live life to the fullest.

The Word of God is our manuel for life.  We come together to teach people how to study it, live by it, walk in it, and believe every promise that God has made us through it.

God wants you to grow and so do we!  In the faith, you will learn to walk in His precepts and you will bear great fruit.  Visit our site frequently, listen to the podcasts, study the word, pray, write for our site, and even join our team…

We are here for you!

I welcome you on this journey.  Let’s walk In Faith Today.

Sincerely…from my heart to yours,

Makeda Rodriguez