The Dark Hours of Despair

There are times when we feel like everything is crumbling. You know those times…I know those times. We have all tasted the bitter taste of fear tormenting us about some aspect of our lives. Its the part that keeps us up at night, wondering, pondering, waiting. But what are we waiting for? It is like our soul or our spirit, some part of us, is awaiting an answer. What is the question?

Can I trust you? Will you let me down? Will you let me fall? Can I depend on you?

Yes, these are the deep gut wrenching questions that seem to haunt our minds and disturb our peaceful thoughts.


Yes, that too, is a question.


Well, we need to know at the core of ourselves. That there is someone who is looking out for us when life seems to be throwing curve balls.

At those times, if we quiet ourselves and listen hard, what can be heard is a still quiet voice saying “I am here. I will not leave you nor forsake you. You can trust me.” And knowing that it was the voice of the Lord we still kinda wonder, “really!?”

The thing about God is He has no problem with us having questions. He really wants us to ask of Him; to be inquisitive and ponder the answers. He created us. He gave us brains for a reason. He wants us to use them. Since He doesn’t change His answer will always be the same. “I am here.”

Ponder that…

So when all of those negative thoughts come and you can’t sleep at night, remember what He said, “I am here.”

He isn’t some little guy that is just choosing to have your back. Oh No!!! He is the God of the whole universe. He is the Great and Mighty God. He is the one who set the stars in the sky. He gave the oceans it’s limits and the mountains its heights. He formed the heavens, spoke light into being and most of all He created you…and me. He did not just create us to be apart of some experiment or to waste time here on this earth. NO! He created us for a purpose. His purpose. Yet many will say, “but what purpose is that? Am I damned?” he tells us in His word that His thoughts and purposes for us are good.

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the purposes which I am purposing for you, says the LORD; purposes of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Personally, I think that I should be able to trust someone who has good plans for me. Yet I have to learn to trust Him. I have to diligently make it my goal to trust Him. To make it even better, He is willing to help me trust Him.

Now with that being said, when the thoughts and cares of this life weigh you down and you can’t seem to do anything but fear, remember the character of our Lord. He is faithful, kind, loving, and trustworthy. Remember that He thinks of us and has good plans and purposes for us.

In the dark hours of the night remember there is reason to hope and not despair…for morning will come and He is near.