Walking In Faith

Have you ever sat down and thought about how hard it is to walk in faith? I have. Have you ever stopped for a moment to contemplate how easy it is to walk in faith? That's right, I said easy. I am not trying to tell you that it is effortless, but that it's not as hard as we make it. Having faith is one of the easiest things for us to possess as human beings. Yet, because of life's circumstances and the teachings of others, we find it hard to walk in faith, have faith, or just simply believe. When someone tells you something, what is the first thing that you naturally want to do? Say it...believe them. Instead you allow yourself to stop and ponder what was just said, which is wise, and then determine whether or not you believe them. As I have already stated, it is wise to stop and contemplate, but what I want to challenge you to do is to trust the word of God and walk in faith as you believe what it says. If you do this on a daily bases, you will find that it is easier to walk in faith that you originally thought. … [Read more...]

Confidence In God

We all want to live fulfilling lives, but in order to do so we must learn to confidently rest in God. ¬†Watch the video for encouragement. ¬†Remember, there is no better day that today to walk in faith...do it today!Your browser does not support the video tag … [Read more...]

Make Your Requests Known

I have read your comments and although many of you are pleased with my writings, there are those who have given many suggestions and asked questions about the blog in general and other information. Because I value your input, I will be making some additions to the blog over the next couple of months. I am one to encourage personal study and a hands on approach in life. This is how I came to have a blog. I had a desire to express to others all that I was getting in my personal study and what I was learning, by observation. These questions that you have asked, have encouraged me to do what I had been planning all along, but just sooner. I will be adding a How To Study Your Bible page to the site. It will eventually become a book, but that is further down the road. The page will include topics like Bible references, notes, commentaries, where to start, hebrew and greek definitions, etymology, ancient history, prayer, and much more. Proverbs 7 is the most popular post on this site. I has generated tons of visitors and comments. After people read the post, they often request that I write more on the subject. Since you all are inspired by the topic and desire more, I will be … [Read more...]