Standing In Faith

Yesterday was a very busy day.¬† While I was overcoming from a bug that I had "somehow" gotten after prayer in my home on Thursday night, it seemed that my children were overcoming same bug as well.¬† So while we didn't go to church, we did have worship, prayer, and service.¬† We watch the web-cast that our church provides and I did my hair while listening to the word. During prayer I called my kids into the room and prayed for their healing.¬† I thank God for children that love Him and have open hearts to hear his word.¬† All of us quickly started feeling better. I watched some of the DVD that I was given by the gentleman at the flea market and I felt the word rise up in my spirit in defense of my Father in heaven.¬† Although I currently don't want to publicize the name of the DVD, I do want to say that it has caused my spirit to be stirred to search out the truth and make the truth known in Jesus' name. I must say that I am very aware of the trickery that is out in this world to steal our hope in God.¬† The enemy doesn't want us to believe that we serve a good God, but instead he wants us to be confused and unwilling to trust God.¬† I thank God that it's not about … [Read more...]