Does God Speak?

I was asleep on the couch, until 4:20, when I heard my husband say, "Get up!" His words weren't normally so direct, especially at this hour. Yet when I opened my eyes and saw Him sitting straight up on the opposite couch, I immediately responded. Out of the corner of my eye there was a flash of light and I heard a roll of thunder. As quick as I had heard my husband's voice and responded, the hail began to fall from sky. It was clear to me that my Father in heaven was trying to get my attention. Following my husband down the stairs, thoughts of Matthew 24 came to mind and I asked myself would I be ready. I immediately thought of all of the events that were taking place in the earth that showed of the times that we are in and I asked again "Will I be ready?" I assured myself that I would, but as I saw the flashes of lightning, heard the thunder and the sound of hail stones falling quaked in my ears, I quickly walked to the other side of the house and down the hallway to see if my kids were still there. "Had they been taken up and I missed it?" I thought. Oh how I was relieved when I walked to the end of the hallway to find that they were still there. Once back in … [Read more...]