IFT Episode 2 (click to play) Sometimes things aren’t always black and white, they’re red. There are times when everyone around us is depressed and in a slump. It is very easy to allow our emotions to take us to the same place. We get down and if we aren’t careful, our whole day can be ruined. We will begin to walk around as if we were in bondage. What we must learn to do is focus. We must focus our attention on something positive and uplifting. We must remember what God’s word says. Once we find what God’s word says, we must declare it to be true in our own lives. Yes! I do mean that we must say it out loud. We must say it out loud so that our own ears can hear us. We must say it out loud so that our soul knows that we are sure of what we have read. We must say it out loud so that our emotions can line up with what we are believing and confessing. One of the most important reasons why we must say it out loud is because our mind needs to focus on what we are saying. Because of all that we are feeling, our minds are probably wondering and focusing on negativity. We must say it out loud to interject the very thoughts that are causing us to spiral downward. Instead of … [Read more...]

Don’t Worry About Finances

Tis the season to be jolly...right?!  Yet that is not the emotion that most people find themselves experiencing during this time of year.  With Thanksgiving right behind us and Christmas around the corner, many people experience a plethora of feelings of worry and anxiety.  Finances divide families and cause individuals to feel worthless or even suicidal.  At this time of year, humanity is in an epic battle, fighting to celebrate God's goodness, the birth of Jesus Christ, and showing love to one another.  Knowing these things are only a portion of the battle.  We must know what to do with this information so that we don't become another static, snared in a trap that was set to utterly destroy us and steal our joy. What are we to do? One of the first things that we are to do is realize who it is that sustains us.  Father God!  He is just that, our Father.  The scripture says that He gave gifts to men. (Ephesians 4:8).  Although the scriptural context is discussing the Spiritual gifts that God gave to men in the church, the facts still remain that every good thing comes from God (James 1:7).  He gives us brand new mercies every single morning. (Lamentations 3:22, 23).  He gives … [Read more...]