Stop Doing God’s Job

Have you ever been in a situation (or season of life) where you felt like nothing you did was working? Perhaps you were doing everything right but it felt like you were still hitting a brick wall. ¬†If you have been a Christian for long, you may have even experienced this with your own relationship with Christ... a sort of "dead area" ¬†where you could not hear Him, feel Him, and no matter how many prayers you sent up or Scriptures you read- you just could not break through. God seemed silent and uncaring; you were at an impasse spiritually and nothing you did could break you out of it. ¬†This is an extremely hard place to be in, but one that God often uses to either teach us something or to break us away from sin. I have recently given this ¬†season of silence a name; I call it- The Valley of Bones. Oooooohhhhh creepy. Let me explain why this is fitting in my opinion: First of all, when you are in this empty place, for many, there is a feeling of hollow pointlessness. You feel dead inside and more often than not, your hope is no where to be found. While you may not be thinking of death itself- when you cannot connect with the Father, there is a sort of decay that's … [Read more...]