Caring: Week 1 Day 2

August 2013: Week 1 Day 2 Care: What does it mean? Yesterday we read Psalm 1. We focused on verse 3 where we are told that God is our caretaker. Did you examine your life? Were you able to see the ways that God has been there for you and provided the right environment for your growth? If you weren’t able to see that, have you decided that you would become the person that is described in Psalms 1? Today we are going to take a look at the word care and what it means. For this, I went to the dictionary and you can do the same. With words like this there are two different definitions. There is the word care that we have determined we will give to God. It is a noun. Let’s remember what a noun is. It is a person place or thing. Why is this important, you may ask… Well, when we are trying to understand concepts and the precepts in the word of God, we have to know what words mean. If we can come to an intellectual understanding of the words that are being used, the true meaning of the concepts and be translated into our hearts. Ok…back to the word care. The word care that is a noun is the something that we give to God. That person, place, or thing is defined in … [Read more...]