The Courage to Remain

It isn't always easy to do what is right.¬† Not one person across the globe has intentionally said "I am always going to do what is wrong." Yet each decision that we make falls into one of the following categories, right decision and wrong decision.¬† That right and wrong aren't just any old right and wrong, but instead they are the right and wrong from the perspective of One who is truly able to judge.¬† This One has the best interest of everyone involved in every situation and so when He looks at a thing and judges,.He judges wisely and righteously. I'm sure that by now, because of all the capital "H's" you were able to figure out who He is, but in knowing whom He is there may be a bit of apprehension.¬† You may be thinking, "How am I supposed to make decisions that God would see as being right?"¬† Well, there is a way to measure the decisions that are being made.¬† Just like in this world that we live in there are laws that set standards and tell a person if they are making a right decision or a wrong decision.¬† There are also spiritual laws that govern the decisions that we make.¬† Those laws are found in the bible. This morning, I am amazed by the Lord, His infinite wisdom, and … [Read more...]