What About Halloween?

This is a podcast that I am discussing on another one of my sites. If you are interested in the show notes go "What About Halloween?" on my other blog. If you are just wanting to listen feel free. Leave your comments below. … [Read more...]

Asking Questions

Today as I was reading my bible, I found that I began to have questions about what I was reading. Now these questions were not simple. They were very complex. I sat and contemplated and then realized that I would not be able to find the answer within myself, so I asked God. Now there are times in life when questions are simple and can be answered very quickly, but then there are times like this. I know that the complexity of this question will take some time to receive an answer. It's not because it takes God a long time to answer my questions. The opposite is true. He is able to answer my questions within a nano second. Yet, some questions require prayer and a silencing of my heart. I think of it this way. When we are talking to someone that we are very close to and care about, we must be attuned to where their heart is in a situation. We must listen attentively for the answer that they give. We can't force them to talk and once they do, we have to have a open heart to clearly receive their answer. God is no different. He wants to talk to us. He loves it when we ask Him questions, but unlike man, He knows the condition of our hearts. He knows why we are … [Read more...]