A Heartfelt Prayer

Prayer Ever sit down and think about it? Prayer Every wonder exactly how we're supposed to go about it? Prayer It's not always proper and perfect Prayer But it's the words that come from the heart, that make it worth it Prayer The Father looks at what we're saying not just how we're saying it. Prayer Because He knows our every thought and He contemplates it Prayer Looking to find out if we're going to take time for Him Prayer Or put on a show for others and be long winded for all of them Prayer Its two way communication Prayer It's not just us listing all of our petitions Prayer But at times it's just to sit and listen Prayer When all words have run out and your feeling like something is missing Prayer But you keep your ear inclined to hear the Master's voice Prayer Even when your surrounded by all of the outside noise Pray Let me tell you what it is that I have decided Pray That by the Spirit, I will be guided Pray Whether I am listening or saying words Pray I will live a life of prayer, always speaking and listening to my Lord To make sure that it is from my heart I will just Pray … [Read more...]