God’s Nature or Evil Nature

Each person has a specific type of character. We are born a certain way, with specific personality traits. Yet many of our character traits, whether we know it or not, form over time. As a child we begin to take on the nature of those around us. Although not completely developed from our caregivers, our character meshes with our personality and we are developed. Adversity, challenges, and trials help to develop certain aspects of our character, while joyful experiences like love, laughter, and fulfillment of hope develop other aspects of who we are. If you've ever been around a young person and observed their actions, you would see these changes occur in their development. If this is the truth in the natural...what can we say, then, about the spiritual? Do you remember the story of Cain and Able? I'm sure you do... Two brothers, the first two sons of Adam and Eve. They were the first to be born of the curse, in pain, and distress of child rearing. Cain, the oldest, would be his mother's first experience of pain and his father's first successor and student. Never having parented before, Adam and Eve would have obviously done their best, but without the direct … [Read more...]

Reminding Myself

There are times when I am going through things and I just feel...some kinda way. Those are times when I have to encourage and remind myself of the truth. The first truth that I am reminding myself of today is this...love never fails. And just n case I almost forget, I've added it to my screensaver. It is so easy to forget sometimes. I want to do things my way at times and treat others the way that they have treated me. You know all the pain and the time spent crying can feel really horrible, but then I have to remember that love endures. That makes me question my motives and...my heart. Am I only thinking of myself in the situation or is this about the ones that I love. The truth is that I have to continue to think on and remind myself of these things so that I can become better at loving those that God has given me to love. This can even be true with my kids. After a long stressful day, I'm tired and ready to go to bed. Sometimes they are not. They want to sit and talk or cuddles and play. When your tired, it's hard to have fun. Well, I know it is for me, but I have to give them what they need. When my oldest has been at school all day and needs his mama, I … [Read more...]

Stop and Think…

Why is it when we say that a Christian should abstain from doing certain things many feel that we are asking them to be religious? Yet we are not supposed to be normal like the world, but instead to be extraordinary in our lives and different in our actions. For it is not what we abstain from that saves us. No! Only Jesus Christ can do that. Instead it is setting ourselves apart and not partaking in the things of the world that sanctifies us and makes us ready for service and a deeper relationship with God and other believers. It is sanctification that keeps the enemy from infiltrating our lives through doors that he crouches by (Genesis 4:7), awaiting to enter through. It is by setting myself apart and getting rid of those things that take up my time and energy that I make time and room for God in my life. Now a Christian can have fun in life. Yet our fun should not be sinful. Even in our call to separation, we are not simply called to look and sound like other Christians. Instead we are called to make ourselves ready to have relationship with God and be who He has created us to be. We are to quiet all of the noise that is around us so that we can hear His voice clearly. We … [Read more...]

Character of God

When many people think of God, they often times think of a mean super being who sits on a throne holding a lightning bolt. This image is normally connected to that same being searching the earth for someone to strike with calamity. One thing that we must realize is that our creator, the God of the bible, and Father of Jesus Christ is nothing like that. He isn't waiting for us to mess up. No! He is looking for us to be successful. He wants to help us and encourage us. He doesn't want us to fear and be distressed. No! He wants us to have a hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11) It is so important that we know Him. We must know what He is like because there are many in this world claiming that God is one way, when He's not. These people would have us following them, proclaiming their version of truth (really a lie), and living for their selfish purposes. Many of us have previously been deceived. The majority of our thoughts and actions have caused us to run away from God. As we run, we cry, shiver, and hide in fear. We have thoughts that God is angry with us and doesn't love us. These thoughts are produced by sin. Because of these thoughts, we run to those who we think will … [Read more...]