Recognize that the END is Near, so do not reject KNOWLEDGE

It has been a primary objective of this website to bring you information that is inspirational and encouraging.

Getting Understanding and Knowledge

Getting Understanding and Knowledge


I have wanted to make sure that among all of the things that were coming forth on the internet, the content from In Faith Today would build you up in the faith.  We have, on may occasions, asked you to search deep within yourself and ask the hard questions that individuals often avoid.  Ultimately our primary goal, has been to point you to the our Lord God and Creator, through our Savior Jesus Christ.

I want to assure you that this objective has not changed.  However, it has been impressed upon me by the Most High God that it is time to begin to look at various topics that are declared in the Bible as important, relevant, and key to our lives as believers.  Although it will still point you to our Father in heaven, some will find it troubling because a few topics may have been deemed, by some, as those that are hard to understand.  Yet, it is not for us to shy away from that which is hard to understand.  We must, instead seek the Lord and study, so that we may come to uncover the truth and live according to His will.

If you read the title of this post, you know that I am, in part,  talking about the end times and mysteries that are presented to us through the Word of God.  I, not only want to encourage you to look at these topics, but I want to implore you to pray and fast about the topics that we will begin to look at, investigate, and discuss. I want to ask you to participate in the conversation and give us your feedback.  Part of walking in faith, is to connect with other believers and trust that God, though His Holy Spirit, will provide the wisdom that we all need to live according to His will.

We do not want to fear that which is to come, but we do want to make sure that we are not ignorant of the enemy’s devices, the signs of the time, or to lack an understanding¬†of what the Word of God says about the time that we are living in.

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. “Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children.” ~Hosea 4:6

We must not reject knowledge. ¬†As the scripture above declares, rejection of knowledge comes at a high price. ¬†I believe God when He says that He will ignore our children if we reject knowledge. ¬†We must understand that even those who do not believe, declare that the end is near because of the knowledge that they have obtained. ¬†The evidence is undeniable. The earth declares God’s glory. ¬†It also tells of the destruction that is to come.

Be strong and of good courage.

The questions that must be asked are these…

Do you understand what the earth is saying?  Do you understand what the Word of God says about the time that we are living in?  Do you know who you are? Do you know the promises of God and how they pertain to you?  Do you clearly understand the history of the Bible and does that history correctly point you to the truth?  Are you studying to show yourself approved, so that you do not need to be ashamed? (2 Timothy 2:15)  Will you have the endurance to run this race to the end?

In the past year, a lot has happened.  While many of us are consumed with our lives and daily routines, there were distinct events taking place across the world.  Ask yourself.  What does it all mean?

I hope that you will continue to come with us on this journey as we follow the Holy Spirit’s leading. ¬†I pray that the Lord will remove any obstacles that have been placed in our way; that we will not fall into the great deception that will overtake many, and that we will endure to the end, ¬†In Jesus’ name.

As we continue to encourage you through the Word and look at other topics that the Lord leads us to, be encouraged with this scripture and words from Christ.

“Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me.” ~John 14:1

Please remember this scripture as you watch this video.

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