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How Much Do You Have to Hate?

How much do you hate people? That's quite a loaded question isn't it? I'm sure your initial response is "I don't hate people!" You may not, but I think if many of us took the time to really think about how we feel sometimes... there may very well be a level of hatred toward others that we're reluctant to admit is in our hearts. Still feel this doesn't apply to you? When was the last time you looked at someone judgmentally, perhaps with a disgusted look on your face, because of something they were doing or how they appeared? When was the last time you reached out to that downright cruel individual to help them with something they needed? When did you last avoid that person in the store because it would just be "awkward"? These things don't normally fall under the hate category, but maybe they should. After all, if hate is the opposite of love and the feelings you have for someone at a given moment couldn't be further from LOVE, then what do you call it? Let me get really personal here so you don't feel like I'm trying to step on your toes. I want to share a part of my testimony that will hopefully get us off our rears regarding others and Christ's call to love them … [Read more...]