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Take a Step Back

  Well, here in the south, school is back in session (or very soon about to be for some). For students, teachers, parents, and everyone involved with the whole educational process this is a time of adjustment and gung-ho attitudes. For me, this start to the school year has been a little odd... summer was spent traveling, there weren't as many school supplies to purchase, and we seemed to step right out of the last school year- into this one. So far, we've had a great beginning but for me, it just seems a little off- not bad, just a little more¬†difficult¬†for me to get my footing. I'm not necessarily busier than I was at the start of the previous school years (perhaps just a bit more), but I think because I'm busier mentally, it seemed to be a little harder for me to think and plan clearly this go around. However, I believe my feet are planted in a good stance now; ready to kick this year in the tuckus... it was slow getting here though. Over the past couple of weeks, in the midst of school shopping, trying to organize and clean the house after summer vacations, reconfiguring a schedule to now include all the things that will be taking little shifts in my life, I've felt a … [Read more...]

Unreciprocated Love

Relationships are hard... all of them. Whether you are a parent, child, sibling, cousin, spouse, co-worker, or friend, your relationships are always going to be a 2-way street. The problem is, you can't control which direction that other person is driving in or even if they have their sense about them when they're behind the wheel! You may try your best, serve in selflessness, and love unconditionally, but in the end it takes two to tango and if the other person¬†doesn't want to put forth the effort, then the relationship will suffer. That sounds like a bunch of pseudo-psychological gander babble doesn't it? It's all true though, whether we like it or not. God has shown me a little about my personal life regarding this very thing- in the arena of friendships. You see, we may do everything we can to reach out and love on/lift others up but there is no promise of that philia-love being reciprocated. While this has always bothered me in the past, and while I still believe it is extremely important to have other believers walk alongside us in friendship, I now realize that determining to continue loving and being a friend to those that may not return the favor, is walking just as … [Read more...]

Have You Forgiven You?

Christians are supposed to be known for their love and quickness to forgive. Many of us do pretty well at that- but how quick are we to forgive ourselves? We may even be willing to forgive ourselves for things we did before we came to know Jesus Christ- but what about the things we've done SINCE then? Believers still sin, we mess up, sometimes in very big ways. It seems harder to get past those things doesn't it? I mean- we're Christians and we're not supposed to mess up big time, but we do. Here's a pretty typical process: -We sin -We get convicted by the Holy Spirit -We grieve over the sin and ask God's forgiveness -We receive forgiveness -We carry the guilt of the sin from then on. That last one is the problem. Once we receive the forgiveness that Christ so freely gives us- we are FREE! Not many of us live like that though. We think for some reason that we must keep the guilt on our shoulders since we messed up while living as a Christian. Let me put it plainly: CONVICTION is God- GUILT is not! When we feel guilty AFTER we have repented and turned from that sin, it is satan trying to keep us ineffective in our walk with Christ. Sure, we will still feel bad because of … [Read more...]

Faithful or Fickle?

I love the word fickle -I think because it sounds like pickle and I happen to kind of have a thing for them: especially those of the fried variety. {YUM!} (C'mon, you can't say looking at that picture doesn't make you hungry. OK, I digress... ) So what does FICKLE mean, Mr. Webster? changing often: changing opinions often:¬†marked by lack of steadfastness, constancy, or stability: given to erratic changeableness Does that sound like a certain species we know? Indecisiveness is an incredibly common personality trait... especially among people of our modern-day society. Why decide when you can dabble? We dabble in everything from jobs, hobbies, friendships/relationships, marriages, houses, politics, opinions, and more! In some things, to be honest, it's really not that big of a deal. For example: we call a lot of those who dabble in hobbies- Artists! Regarding more important things, however, it's a spiritually fatal habit and one almost impossible to break on our own once firmly established. Why is being indecisive such a bad thing? Well, for one- most of the time the close companion of fickleness (there's that fun word again) is DOUBT. After all, if you had no doubts, … [Read more...]