Is Our Faith Valid

Have you ever thought about the validity of your faith?

What about the law and our faith?

Is Our Faith Valid?It is mentioned in:

Romans 3:27

Romans 2:17, 23

1 Corinthians 1:29

Ephesians 2:9

After reading scripture, I can see all God has done for me has been done in a strategic way.

Allow me to explain…

I am ¬†“saved by grace through faith and not of myself. ¬†It is a gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.” Ephesians 2:8,9

I knew that I was saved by grace, but I have never taken the time to think about what this scripture really says.

Take a moment and look into this with me…

My works nor my deeds saved me.  My salvation is a gift of God and the word says that it is through faith that I am saved.

Is it through my faith in God that I am saved?

Yes, but by His grace.  It is through my faith in what He has done.  There is nothing alone that I can do apart from God.  I cannot even save myself.

For if I had faith, that would be great, but it is not until the grace of God has entered in to the equation that I am saved.

So, what then is the grace of God?

I believe it is the power to be saved. ¬†It is, as one commentry puts it, “the source of salvation.”(NKJV Commentary)

If we look at it a little bit closer, the source of our salvation is in Christ.  Our grace, therefore, comes from the heart of God because out of His love, Christ was born, lived, and died for us.

That grace which has been given to us to be saved, is a precious gift that we receive through faith in Him.

Salvation was already done…

It was finished on the cross.

Now we, all those that receive it, do so by faith.  Not only do we believe that we are saved by this grace through faith, but we must also receive all other gifts that God gave on the cross.


Why, is faith so important?

Romans 4:16 says that it is of faith that it might be according to grace, so that the promise might be sure to all the seeed, not only to those of the law, but also to those who were of the faith of Abraham, who is the father of us all…

Although this tells us a lot about the origination of our faith, it really tells us a lot about God.

He doesn’t just look at the here and now. ¬†He looks into the future…our future, and says I want to save them also.

Yet, the law doesn’t allow that. ¬†It only affects those that are present when it is enacted. If you or I are not present at the time a law is enacted and then it changes, the original law does not apply to us. What applies to us is the current law in place when we are alive and present.

The law of faith is different.

Faith takes the action through a durration that surpasse time, ages, races, and all other restrictions that are physcially imposed upon us.

Faith is an extender…

It allows His righteous acts to extend to us through the law of faith and not through the law of man. ¬†For man’s law has no grace. ¬†It is based on justice alone, but the law of faith is founded on God’s grace, His love, mercy, and kindness toward us through Christ.

In this, it would seem that the law of faith is a way, a spiritual way of governing God’s grace to us…not by force, but by choice…our choice. ¬†God would want that none should perish, but that would be through force and there would be no need for salvation provided to us through Christ.

Please understand what I am saying…

Man through his deeds and choices at times when God has exteneded His grace, has shown that God’s way is not desired, thus God in all of His infinite wisdom allows us the opprotunity to enter into his love by choice. In this way we make the choice to perish or not. Therefore faith is a choice…

A choice that allows no boasting, lest it be done in Him and what He has done.

For faith excites God and pleases Him.

How then shall I boast?

I shall boast, if I must, in who my God is and my faith in Him.

That’s why faith is my evidence that He will do what He says. ¬†My blessed assurance and hope are the substances, by which I hold on to. ¬†They are the things that I grasp, which show me that what I have hoped for is real.

I may not see what I hope for with my eyes, but by faith, I know that it is.

Faith is my evidence.  It is the substance of my hope and hope does not dissappoint.

For if I hope for what I have not seen, I wait with expectation.  Expectation is exciting, thrilling, and fills us with life.

Expectatins fills us with reason to wait upon God.

While we wait upon him, He shows up which causes us to wait more and to expect more.  The more we expect, the more we wait.  The more we expect and wait, the more we grow in faith.  The more we grow in faith, the more He shows up in bigger ways that cause us to expect more.  The cycle continues and we realize God will never let us down.  Our faith becomes built upon a foundation of thirst for and gratification of thirst in Him.

We come to learn that our hope and trust in Him will never allow us to be ashamed because, He is not a man that he should lie, no can he fail.

Therefore, our faith in Him is valid…



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