What’s Your Story?


What is your story?

You have one you know.

Even if you don’t think it means very much or is very exciting, it is still a life consisting of events, emotions, growth, loves, losses, lessons and more… a story; everyone has one.

We get so caught up in our day-to-day living that we forget that each second of every day is being used to weave a tapestry that we will one day look back on and see as our life in its entirety. Both the good and bad of our lives is used in this weaving process… we tend to think that only a life filled with good/easy things is worth mentioning or remembering but that just isn’t so. Sure, a tapestry of bright-sunshiny colors is beautiful, but the ones that catch the most attention are the ones that use both dark and light colors in contrasting brilliance. The easy and hard times in our lives are what God uses to show the vivid details of the artwork He’s designed- all for His glory.

I have a story (maybe one day it will be in hardback); it isn’t insanely enlightening or jaw-droppingly dramatic. Still, I know that each day of my life can be used by God if I allow Him to take it and weave it with His grace. Life does not have to be dramatic to be inspirational; the lives God uses are the ones that are open for Him to use. We should never waste our pain in life and we should never hide our God-given joy: these are the things that create the masterpiece. We cannot see the big picture- only God can. One day we will, but not yet. In the meantime, we can take heart in remembering that our life does have meaning, it has an amazing purpose, and will be used in the Grand Design.

Have you ever watched someone weaving on a loom? A real one: not those little bracelet making ones (although the principle could very well still apply). The weaver sits in front of the loom and, with great skill and precision, shuttles the yarn in and out of other threads with amazing accuracy. One thread -let’s say it is the equivalent of one day in your life- has ups and downs, ins and outs, all while maintaining a sometimes monotonous beat. The tapestry of your life that is being woven will have dark threads, light threads, and very plain/neutral colored ones. However, with the absence of any of these, the pattern just isn’t the same. You may say that you regret certain days in your life, but if the weaver (Our Creator) has a certain design in mind and so He wants to use this particular dark thread, who are we to say it is ugly? If we cannot see the whole picture, then we can’t assume to know which colors belong in the weaving.

What is your story? Have you had a hard life, easy one, boring one, dramatic one, an amalgamation of everything under the sun? Each story is different, but each- expertly designed by a perfect Artist who knows exactly where to place the threads.

The Bible is filled to the brim with people who had stories such as yours and mine. Some exciting, some boring, some horribly difficult, and others filled with blessings, but each had a life that God used to further His big picture. His overarching story that ties all of ours together- runs through the heartbeat of His Word. The Bible isn’t a book of fairy tales. From Genesis to Revelation, it is a record-keeping of and by people who¬†have had their lives touched by God. The “Big Picture” is how all these lives are tied together (including our own) to create the great story God is still letting play out… one of a Perfect God seeking a relationship with His creation, saving them in order to do so, and ultimately uniting with them again.

Our story isn’t just our own… we are all tied together. We have our own individual tapestries, but God knows how they all then weave into the next one, and the next, completing an amazing cloth that is perfectly planned and perfectly crafted. Each a work of art on its own, but also joined with all others to create God’s magnum opus, reflecting His very heart.

What does this mean in our lives today? It means that no matter what you have been through, are going through, or will go through, each day is a thread in a design that we cannot see. If we allow God to shuttle our lives as He sees fit then no matter what comes our way, we will be able to hold our heads high, recover from mistakes, learn our lessons, and share Christ’s love and salvation to those around us because we know we are part of a masterpiece in the making.

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