For Those Who Know


The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.
Those who know Your name trust in You,
for You, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek You.
(Psalm 9:9-10)

Do you remember having to learn random facts in school? You know… historical dates, algorithms, etc. You studied, scoured, and soaked up those notes so that- come test time- you could easily pour them back out onto paper. OK- how many of those random facts do you remember today? Probably not many, unless your current job requires it.
Now, think of something that you learned when you were younger that you FULLY understood and didn’t just stuff in your brain for a professor. You probably still remember that don’t you?

There is a difference in being able to recall information and knowing/understanding something. I cannot remember dates and numbers to save my life; seriously… I’m terrible at it. I memorized information required for school papers and then left that stuff in the dusty file boxes at the back of my brain. However, there are many things that I really understood and learned- particularly things regarding the arts and sciences. Those things have never left me
because I KNOW them!

I believe this is the crucial rift that separates people who can recite facts about God and those of us who actually KNOW, firsthand, who He is and the power of His name. Look at Psalm 9:9-10 again. The first sentence is a testament of the faithfulness and strength of our Creator:

The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.

The second sentence (verse 10) can be broken into 2 parts:

Those who know Your name trust in You,

This statement is revealing the ones who will really “GET IT”; the ones who will understand the Name behind the facts. These are the ones who follow heart and soul after Christ because they know the meaning behind that Name.

for You, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek You.

Oh man, I love this! Not just because it’s a confidence booster about the loyalty of God, but because it’s a promise for those who actually are willing to learn- to the deepest part of their soul- what it means to seek hard after God. Never has He forsaken the ones who want to really know Him; He never will.¬†For the people in this world who do “know His name”, it’s a no-brainer that they would put every ounce of their trust and life into His hands. If you KNOW Him, you ARE GOING to trust Him! For the rest of the world- it’s foolishness. It just doesn’t make sense how a “faithful” God could:

-let bad things happen to good people
-send people to hell “just” for not believing in Him
-condemn certain sins that feel justifiable
-answer some prayers while refusing to answer others
-allow people to suffer harsh consequences for things that others get away with
(the list can go on forever)

Accusations such as these are completely understandable for people who only have a fact list about God in their head. There are tons of men and women (who may have even been raised in church) who know all the answers and all the Bible references, but still don’t understand who God actually is. Because of this, the topics listed above- and the ones that weren’t- are plenty enough of a reason not to believe in or follow Jesus Christ.

Christians occasionally have doubts and we certainly don’t have all the answers, but we will quickly back up our sold-out trust in a God who does. We do this, not because we use Him as a crutch or because we live in some fantasy land; we trust because we know His name. More than just a recitation of facts and events, we can vouch for the Power behind every fact and event and would willingly lay our lives down for it because it’s something we KNOW.

We can argue, bicker, or get all “aplogetics ninja” on unbelievers all day long! In the end though, if the Holy Spirit has not opened the eyes of the person we’re talking to- all they will hear are facts. Prayer opens hearts, knowledge is relayed, and others will understand. We can’t skip a step and assume the memorization is going to save others; it never will. Truly knowing who God is will automatically cause a giving of trust. We have to be willing to look past the information, as important as it is to know, and pray for the mind to understand. As soon as that light flips on in someone, we have the promise
of the Father that He will “not forsake those who seek Him”. In these crazy and heartbreaking times that we live in, it’s comforting to know that we can TRULY KNOW.

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