Rules of Engagement


Rules of Engagement: a directive/s issued by a military authority specifying the circumstances and limitations under which forces will engage in combat with the enemy.

I want to apply this to the spiritual battle all born-anew, followers of Christ engage in on a daily basis. Let’s answer several¬†FAQ’s!

  1. Why is this battle raging?
  2. When will it end?
  3. What is my defense?
  4. What are my weapons?
  5. Because your enemy, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5.8
  6. Truthfully? When we die and go to heaven! No more curse!
  7. The Word. The Word. The Word. After Jesus’ baptism and before He began His earthly ministry, He went into the mountainous desert places surrounding the city and there He was tempted by the devil for forty days. His defense? He quoted scripture. You can read exactly what Jesus said to Satan¬†here.
  8. Here’s where we can get excited because our God has armed us well! Every morning after we brush our teeth and comb our hair we get dressed, right? The best-dressed believer adds these items every day to their outfit!

Better Dressed Believer

I heard a Bible teacher share an incredibly interesting fact about the Roman soldiers of Jesus’ day. And, you will note this in movies pertaining to¬†biblical times. In emergency situations, the on-duty Roman soldiers could be spotted by their tunics and their belts. When¬†on-duty¬†their tunics were shortened by the cinched belt, enabling them to move quickly without being tripped up by the hems of their skirts. When they were¬†off-duty¬†their belts were loose and their tunics hung long and (almost) dragging the ground, disabling them from responding quickly. Now, how much sense does that make that Paul would refer to Truth as the belt? When we have the Truth, and know¬†The Truth, and it is secured in us, we are ready for anything the enemy wants to throw at us. What a phenomenal word picture that creates. God is always about the details!

What about us? Is our Belt of Truth in its correct position? At the ready? Or, is it sloppy and disengaged?

Our rules of engagement are clear, we are to…




…because we are

Armed and Dangerous!


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