Caring: Week 1

As you may know, this month’s word focus is on the caring. Today we are going to prepare for this week’s study and focus on what the bible means when it says that God cares for us.

What’s to come for this week?

The scripture for this week is Psalm 27:5

Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You will revive me. You shall stretch forth Your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and Your right hand will save me.

This week’s declaration is

No matter what I am going through, the Lord cares. No matter what happens, He will take care of me. No matter who or what is up against me, the Lord will save me…

Now that we have established our scripture for the week and made our declaration, there is something that we have to remember this week…

Remember this…God never fails. He is always there and He cares.

Our prayer focus for the week is…

Father, there are times when my heart is weak and many times when I cannot speak. The cares of this life try to weigh me down, but help me to remember that I am not alone, you’re always around. Help me to give all of my worries, fears, anxieties and cares to you. Help me to remember that you care and will always see me through. ~In Jesus’ Name…Amen


As we encounter different situations and circumstances, we must remember to keep ourselves encouraged in the Lord.

This week’s bible reading is as follows…

  • Sunday- Psalm 1
  • Monday- Psalm 2
  • Tuesday- Psalm 3
  • Wednesday- Psalm 4
  • Thursday- Psalm 5
  • Friday- Psalm 6
  • Saturday- Psalm 7

Stay encouraged and remember that the Lord cares for you…

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