What’s New…

If you have been a visitor to the In Faith Today site for any portion of time, I would like to thank you for reading the posts and taking the time to comment.  Upon reading your posts, I have recognized that there are some needs of the readers that must be met.  That is why I have implemented specific things to honor your requests as visitors and as members.

  • FAQ Page: ¬†Because you have questions about In Faith Today and blogging. Simply submit your questions and I’ll post the answers.
  • Forum: ¬†Because you have said that you desire to communicate with one another about different things and have become members of the site, this is your community.
  • Facebook Page:¬†Many of you have linked the website to your personal page and I understand the convince of Facebook. ¬†Simply like the page to tell your friends, family, and co-workers about In Faith Today.
  • Advertisements:¬†Since the comments are often full of advertising links. ¬†I have set a place for this. ¬†Please only advertise appropriate links, pics, stories, ect.

I am so excited about these new additions to the In Faith Today Community!  I look forward to connecting with you as we walk In Faith Today!


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