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The Unbeatable Spirit of Faith

This morning I needed a bit of a pick me up. I have a lot to do today and many times with so much going on, it's easy to get discouraged. Knowing this, I decided to be proactive. I grabbed a quick inspirational read that would get my day going in the right direction. "The Unbeatable Spirit of Faith" by Gloria Copeland did the trick. Packed with scripture and knowledgable quotes from the word of God, it affirmed in my spirit that all things are possible with God So now it's up and at'em with my day as I believe God is able in every situation of my life. I encourage you to do the same.   … [Read more...]

Where is God when things go crazy?

Where is God when things are going crazy? Where is God when the world is topsy-turvy? Does God have anything to say about the things that are taking place in the earth? Psalm 75 1 We thank you, God, we thank you‚ÄĒ your Name is our favorite word; your mighty works are all we talk about. 2-4 You say, "I'm calling this meeting to order, I'm ready to set things right. When the earth goes topsy-turvy And nobody knows which end is up, I nail it all down, I put everything in place again. I say to the smart alecks, 'That's enough,' to the bullies, 'Not so fast.'" 5-6 Don't raise your fist against High God. Don't raise your voice against Rock of Ages. He's the One from east to west; from desert to mountains, he's the One. 7-8 God rules: he brings this one down to his knees, pulls that one up on her feet. God has a cup in his hand, a bowl of wine, full to the brim. He draws from it and pours; it's drained to the dregs. Earth's wicked ones drink it all, drink it down to the last bitter drop! 9-10 And I'm telling the story of God Eternal, singing the praises of Jacob's God. The fists of the wicked are bloody stumps, The arms of the righteous are lofty green branches. So where is God … [Read more...]

What’s New…

If you have been a visitor to the In Faith Today site for any portion of time, I would like to thank you for reading the posts and taking the time to comment. ¬†Upon reading your posts, I have recognized that there are some needs of the readers that must be met. ¬†That is why I have implemented specific things to honor your requests as visitors and as members. FAQ Page: ¬†Because you have questions about In Faith Today and blogging. Simply submit your questions and I'll post the answers. Forum: ¬†Because you have said that you desire to communicate with one another about different things and have become members of the site, this is your community. Facebook Page:¬†Many of you have linked the website to your personal page and I understand the convince of Facebook. ¬†Simply like the page to tell your friends, family, and co-workers about In Faith Today. Advertisements:¬†Since the comments are often full of advertising links. ¬†I have set a place for this. ¬†Please only advertise appropriate links, pics, stories, ect. I am so excited about these new additions to the In Faith Today Community! ¬†I look forward to connecting with you as we walk In Faith Today!   … [Read more...]

Word Of Wisdom Wednesday

"So watch your step. Use your head. Make the most of every chance you get. These are desperate times! Don't live carelessly, unthinkingly. Make sure you understand what the Master wants." Ephesians 5:16, 17 … [Read more...]