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Stop and Think…

Why is it when we say that a Christian should abstain from doing certain things many feel that we are asking them to be religious? Yet we are not supposed to be normal like the world, but instead to be extraordinary in our lives and different in our actions. For it is not what we abstain from that saves us. No! Only Jesus Christ can do that. Instead it is setting ourselves apart and not partaking in the things of the world that sanctifies us and makes us ready for service and a deeper relationship with God and other believers. It is sanctification that keeps the enemy from infiltrating our lives through doors that he crouches by (Genesis 4:7), awaiting to enter through. It is by setting myself apart and getting rid of those things that take up my time and energy that I make time and room for God in my life. Now a Christian can have fun in life. Yet our fun should not be sinful. Even in our call to separation, we are not simply called to look and sound like other Christians. Instead we are called to make ourselves ready to have relationship with God and be who He has created us to be. We are to quiet all of the noise that is around us so that we can hear His voice clearly. We … [Read more...]

In Faith Today Community

Everyday hundreds of readers visit the In Faith Today website. It is amazing how God is able to use all that He has placed in us to help others. Yet throughout my time of making this information available to all who desire to have it, many are in need and wanting to connect on a different level. It is only normal for people to desire to encourage, inspire, learn, and connect to one another in a deeper way. I have had requests to begin a forum and for this purpose I have established the In Faith Today Community on Facebook. This is a closed group, meaning that all information shared within the group will remain private and within the group. If you are interested, please go to the In Faith Today Facebook page,¬† like it and let me know that you would like to be a part of the In Faith Community.¬†¬† I look forward to getting to know you better and walking in faith with you. … [Read more...]