Make Your Requests Known

I have read your comments and although many of you are pleased with my writings, there are those who have given many suggestions and asked questions about the blog in general and other information. Because I value your input, I will be making some additions to the blog over the next couple of months.

I am one to encourage personal study and a hands on approach in life. This is how I came to have a blog. I had a desire to express to others all that I was getting in my personal study and what I was learning, by observation. These questions that you have asked, have encouraged me to do what I had been planning all along, but just sooner. I will be adding a How To Study Your Bible page to the site. It will eventually become a book, but that is further down the road. The page will include topics like Bible references, notes, commentaries, where to start, hebrew and greek definitions, etymology, ancient history, prayer, and much more.

Proverbs 7 is the most popular post on this site. I has generated tons of visitors and comments. After people read the post, they often request that I write more on the subject. Since you all are inspired by the topic and desire more, I will be continuing my research and developing ways to provide what you request.

In the next couple of weeks, I will be putting a FAQ page on the site. Many of the questions that I receive are tech related. I want to answer these questions, but not in the posts of the blog. If you have questions about the blog itself, advertising, or becoming a guest writer, please send me an email. You can send it to  The fact page will consist of answers to commonly asked questions. There is also a contact link to the left side of each page, as well as a contact page under the welcome drop down.

This site has received so much traffic that I am honored to be a help to my readers. Many of you are now desiring to connect with one another in a forum. Per your request, I have added a forum to the site. There is a link in the top menu titled “Forum.” I hope that this will be a place where we are all able to connect more.

I have had some requests to change the format of the blog because of the diversity of readers that are coming to visit. There are times when I will not have any pictures or videos because I am posting on the go, but because I understand and appreciate the request, I will be coming up with some creative ways to make the blog posts more stimulating. I do, however request that you as the reader understand that the most important thing on this blog is the Word of God. At no time do I desire to take the attention away from the Word and shift it to another area.

Another great addition to the In Faith Today Ministry, is a quarterly newsletter.  I am so excited about sharing updates and great information with you.  If you would like to subscribe there is a sign-up bottom in the right column.

I want to say that I am so thankful for each one of you.  Thank you for you comments, questions, and even you challenges.  I hope that you will continue to come and read what I am inspired to write.  Walking in faith everyday is imperative to the life of all humans.  We all have a desire to believe, whether we realize it or not.  I encourage you to take time to nurture your spirit and mind.  Keep searching for the answers to those questions.  If there is anything that I can help with, please feel free to send me an email to

Thank you again for your support and your time.

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